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Investment and Specials

When looking for a Photographer, there are many things you must think about. In these days of everyone having a camera and believing then they must be a photographer, you must consider a few things, especially if they are going to take pictures at your wedding.

1. How long have they been in business?

2. Have they studied photography and/or have professional training?

3. Have they graduated from High School?

4. Have they worked in the area you are looking for?

5. Do they have references?

6. Do you like their style?

7. What are you getting for their price?

8. Do they have a contract?

9. Do they use professional cameras and lenses?

10. Do they have more than one battery for thier camera and plenty of memory for taking tons of pictures? (seems obvious!)

Pricing as followed:

Senior Portraits:

Up to 3 hours of shooting, 1-2 locations, up to 5 clothing changes, 16 professionally edited images that you have chosen from our online viewing site, 32 wallets and a 11x14 large mounted print professionally printed for $400. I also include a fun gift from me to your Mom or Dad.

Engagement Portraits:

Up to 3 hours of shooting and 16 edited digital images to use for your engagement announcements or to print and a 16x24 large mounted print. Session fee is $400.

Birth Photography:

$800 which includes the time it takes to document your baby's birth. You will receive all the fully edited images for you to print, a small image book, and a 16x24 mounted print. We also can come to the hospital within 24 hours of the babies birth for $400 which includes all the edited prints, a small image book and an 16x24 mounted print.


Session fee is $400 and includes the following:

Up to 3 hours shooting, a 16x24 mounted print and 20 edited digital prints. I also include a fun gift for the parents.

Baby sessions are usually done in my home with studio equipment. I am extremely limited on how many babies I shoot, so contact me as soon as possible to get your session booked. Message me for details.

Weddings: Traditional wedding prices start at $3000. That includes an engagement session and the day of your wedding. No hour limit, just us there from the time you are getting ready until you leave for your honeymoon. I come with a second shooter or two and approximately 10K in equipment and our experience. You get all the "good" shots of your day (at least 800), 80 of them edited and a 16x24 large mounted print. Albums and other professionaly printed images are or course, available to order, and we give you a 25% discount on prints from your wedding day. Easy peasy. Let's have coffee and discuss the most exciting day of your life. We LOVE to travel so please think of us for your destination weddings.

If you are looking for a less expensive wedding photographer, you most likely will be looking for someone who is less experienced or unexperience and probably doesnt' have the equipment of a professional. Micheal can shoot weddings without me for a lesser charge, with our equipment, editing skills and the experience needed. Please contact us for more details.

Civil services (ie, getting married at a courthouse) start at $400 and include additional portraits taken after the ceremony nearby. 16x24 mounted print included.

Real Estate pricing is different per home, so please go to the contact page to ask for more information.

Editing such as minor blemish coverage, black and white tones are included. Dual tone images (black and white with a colorized area), braces removal, teeth or eye whitener, major blemish or hair removal, etc. are available at an extra charge per image, not per print. We also offer prints that are highly edited for a more intense artsy look. You will recieve (dual) rights for image reproduction. Your images will also be available on our ordering website for private, password protected viewing and ordering.

Please contact us and we will email or call you with more information. You can also find us on Facebook.


Shoot with a friend.

If you and your bestie want to take your pictures at the same time, you can do that! And, I will even give you each 2 extra sheets of wallets.

Referral bonus. Refer your friend to us, and after they have their shoot, you will receive 2 sheets of wallets from your shoot. You can use this bonus as much as you like. It is our "Thank you" for sharing us with your friends.

We offer a variety of products from canvas prints, portfolios, statuettes,jewelry, albums, collages, announcements/open house invitations, license plates, dog tags, metal prints, calendars, and high resolution (printable) picture CDs etc.. pretty much anything you can think of.

Prints are made on professional paper, processed at professional print labs.

*Prices outside the downtown/south Kansas City area may differ. Prices subject to change.